Studio City Hand Car Wash
11514 Ventura Boulevard
Studio City, CA   
(818) 980-8999

Open Every Day!
8:00AM- 5:00PM

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Community Events

The Studio City Hand Car Wash is the site of many community events during the year. It raises funds for all the public elementary schools including Carpenter Ave, Colfax Ave, and Riverside Drive School.
millikan_students.jpgright: Students from Millikan Performing Arts Academy perform at Holiday Musical Festival in 2006

The Greening of Studio City

Greening of Studio City 

The Studio City Hand Car Wash was the site of the first Greening of Studio City event on Sunday July 22, 2007. Over 250 small Amber Liquid trees were distributed to residents in Studio City who will plant them at their home or office.

As part of the Greening of Studio City, a new tree was planted in the garden area adjacent to the famous Studio City Hand Car Wash sign. Planting the tree from left to right is Ben Forat (with shovel), owner of the Studio City Hand Car Wash; Mark Wurzel, owner of Wurzel Landscape, who provided the Trees;  Melanie Winters, head of the LA Rivers Project; William Todd, former Chairperson of the Studio City Beautification Committee; and C Scott Miller, Editor of BioenergyBlogRing, and other Publications dealing with the environment in CA.

NBC 4 attended the Studio City Greening event, and broadcast a full news clip on their Sunday night news program.


to view a 30 second video clip of the event


Other News 

View the unveiling of the Great Wall of Studio City!
YouTube Video - 5:04

The Great Wall of Studio City